Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling watched

Dr. Darien's been getting worse and worse, especially since the brain with eyes appeared in the jar on the table. He gets all gloaty about it, going over, chuckling at it. The brain just watches. Today Dr. Darien was going on about something, we were dissecting a body, he was being all.. um.. Sparky... and it was a mess. I think we might have to do some rodent removal, i saw a mouse wandering around the room. I didn't say anything at the time, I'd rather not have to spend time dissecting a mouse if he decides he wants to create little people 3 apples high.
I'm really a bit worried at how he's getting. I'm also worried about writing in here anymore- I excused myself while he was monologuing and left the lab, coming to get my journal, and found it open to anyone's eyes. There was nobody around except a cat. I thought back to the mouse in the lab and thought that might be just the thing. If Darien didn't want to dissect it or turn it into some mecha-cat. I picked the fluffball up and started stroking its ears, inciting a purr even as it tried to get away. Strange cat. I took it downstairs and gave it a tin of tuna, which it ate with gusto, then glutted, curled up under a chair and fell asleep.
I went to check back later, to see if Darien wanted to meet this new pet that I'd found, I didn't see it anywhere. The door was open though, so I guess I hadn't closed it tightly enough and it blew open with the wind. Or something.

Friday, April 24, 2009

What a Quandry...

Creating a log under orders. Things are getting quite odd around here. I will have to hide this so that one of the... family... don't find it. In whatever space, time, dimension, creation, incarnation, wahtever. However, I feel, for my own sanity, this needs to be documented.

I knew things were not as they should be when Dr. Darien, my adopted father, sent me to help Marcus with his citizens during their monster crisis. The indignity of it all, anyway- I'm very well trained to be a nurse, among other things, and of all things he wanted me to be a maid! And not even a good maid, I spent half my time feeding him grapes and wondering why he was eyeing my key! Pervert!

Anyway. Dr. Darien had given me orders that if anything went awry with Marcus, that I should terminate him immediately. Well, restrain. But considering he was growing horns and wings? Termination works just as well, if not better. It was easy enough to come up with the story about seeing the mystery shadow coming to kill him. And they believed it! Or wanted to believe it, whatever.

I beheaded Marcus, thinking that would be good enough, but apparently not. His headless body decided it wanted out of the freezer, causing quite a few dents and dings, as well as a loud ruckus. I think he woke up one of the cat people or dolls or something that was sleeping downstairs. I thought it was funny. I've never seen a headless man trying to escape. It stopped being so funny though, when Dr. Darien got the crazy look in his eye and told me we were going to see how good I was with a lasso. He threw me some rope and opened the door of the freezer. Luckily for them both my creator happened to enjoy rodeos, so I've seen a lot of how it's done. I managed to get the Marcus-sans-head tied up and onto the table, then looked at Dr. Darien to see what he wanted next. I shook my head when i saw he had taken off his shirt and already pulled out the rolling tray of equipment. "Sparky! Give me wings!"

He and I completed the transplant. I'm glad that I don't have a weak stomach to worry about. That would be a problem around here.

So... here's the problem now. I'm watching Dr. Darien, and he's growing more and more like Mr. Marcus. It seems as though when we attatched his wings to Dr. Darien, he took root as well. Dr. Darien is getting more prone to madness- moreso than usual, and the other day he told me to fetch him some grapes. I'm not sure if it's the stress brought about by the burglery of Ash's innards or that stupid song Yoggy's been singing, or anything else that's been going on. Now... if Mr. Marcus is taking over Dr. Darien, and I have orders to terminate.. ok, restrain... him, does that mean I'm going to have to terminate Dr. Darien, should he become fully integrated with Mr. Marcus?